International Conference

DAY - 1 Tuesday, 15th February, 2011, Hotel Vivanta by Taj President, Mumbai


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Elmadfa
IUNS-President, Head, Institute of Nutritional Sciences, University of Vienna, Austria
Title: The paradoxon of nutritional antioxidants
Dr. Ibrahim Elmadfa said that Nutritional Antioxidants can be used as potent formulation in prevention of non-communicable diseases. Correspondingly he analysed the statistical data with Supplementation of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Multivitamin formulations but didn’t find any significant effect on prevention of Cardiovascular diseases. He also showed that there is no preventive effect of supplemental Antioxidants on Cancer mortality thus giving rise to a paradox whether antioxidants can reduce cancer risk or not. His latest studies have given insight into research for secondary compounds other than Antioxidant Vitamins which can lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Rickey Y. Yada
Professor, CRC Food Protein Structure, Scientific Director, Advanced Foods and Materials Network Department of Food Science, University of Guelph, Canada
Title: An overview of the science and technology in food and food products at the Nanoscale level
Dr. Rickey Y. Yada gave a very detailed insight into the present and future trends involved in Food nanotechnology. He said that use of Nanocomposites in food packaging and food Processing can improve the quality of the product and ensure safety of Food in a better way. He also gave a comprehensive picture about the regulatory policies involved in Food nanotechnology and the key challenges which needs to be addressed and troubleshoot them.

Dr. Gert W. Meijer
Global Vice-President Nutrition, Head Unilever Nutrition Network, Unilever R&D. The Netherlands
Title: Translating New Science in to Healthy and Tasty Nutritional Products.
Dr. Gert W. Meijer gave an overview how an organization functions with respect to consumer reach operations. He gave information about the Nutrition enhancement programme launched by the company and also displayed a battery of Innovative health products involved in it. He also threw light on various aspects of Company’s market interface which can boost the Functional Foods market.


Dr. Thanyaporn Siriwoharn
Business Development Manager, NATUREX South East Asia/Pacific & Middle East, Thailand
Title: Thaumatin - Naturally Masking Bitterness
Dr. Thanyaporn Siriwoharn presented an innovative health product “Talin” which contains thaumatin, A natural protein having wide applications in Pharmaceuticals, Supplements and Foods & Beverages. She also gave the Detailed logistics of maximum usage level of Thaumatin in different food products in USA, Canada and European Union.

Mr. Simon C. Lord
Regional Business Manager, Nutrition and Health, Cognis Australia Pty. Ltd., Australasia
Title: Life Stages, Nutritional Needs, and Market Opportunities
Mr. Simon C. Lord gave elaborate details regarding the Nutritional needs of Omega- 3-Fatty Acids during different stages of life. He quoted the Dosage recommendations and health benefits of Omega-3-Fatty Acids. He gave an introduction about the various health products under the Cognis Company which testifies its influence in reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases and is shown statistically with prevalence in South Asians.

Mr. Baldur Hjaltason
Sales Director EPAX AS & Chairman of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED) board of directors
Title: The Global Potential and Opportunities for the marine based Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Health and Nutrition
Mr. Baldur Hjaltason gave us a comprehensive outlook on the leading brand EPAX. The battery of products under EPAX are marine based purified Omega-3- Fatty acids Supplements. He has mentioned the global market status of marine omega-3-oils and gave insight into new sources of omega-3-fatty acids like algae oils and Genetically modified plant seeds etc.

Mr. Kumar C. Vasist
Group Manager, Product Development, Abbott Nutrition Research and Development, Abbott Laboratories, Singapore
Title: Development of Nutritional Products for Asia
Mr. Kumar C. Vasist gave keen observatory remarks with respect to development of Nutritional products in Asia. He also gave details about the prototype process involved in developing a Nutritional food product. He concluded with the complete profile of therapeutic nutrition product which are of clinical relevance in diseases like Chronic kidney disease, dialysis etc.

Ms. Natasha D’Costa
Senior Research Analyst Chemicals, Material & Food Practice Frost & Sullivan
Title: An insight into the Indian Nutraceutical Market
Ms. Natasha D’Costa gave a comprehensive overview of Indian Nutraceutical market presently. She gave a brief account on Indian dietary supplements and its classification, market dynamics and regulatory policies. She also gave an insight into functional foods and beverages market and the key challenges faced presently. She concluded by mentioning the future prospects which can harmonize the functional foods and beverages market.


Dr. R. Keith Randolph
Technology Strategist, Artistry & Nutrilite R&D, Access Business Group LLC, Amway, USA
Title: Modulation of Genetically Predisposed Botanical Formulation—A Nutrigenetic Proof of Principle
Dr. R. Keith Randolph presented a novel Nutrigenetic approach for controlling Inflammatory response which may increase the risk to heart health. He gave a layout about the Nutrigenetic botanical formulation strategy. And proposed a Nutrigenomic approach that can fulfill the needs of personalized Nutrition.

Dr. A.S. Bawa
Director, Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
Title: Natural food ingredients as dietary supplements for health benefits
Dr. A.S. Bawa said that Natural food ingredients have negative influence on the onset of degenerative diseases. His research work testifies that there are myriad of substances in fruits, vegetables, spices, etcwhich are postulated to have detoxification properties. He quotes that the enrichment of body systems with natural ingredients may correct imbalance in Antioxidants defence and levels of Pro-oxidants

DAY - 2 Wednesday, 16th February, 2011, World Trade Centre, Mumbai


Dr. Stephan Heck
Director Quality Management, DSM Nutritional Products, Basel

Dr. Stephan Heckpointed towards the fear in the minds of the people towards the consumption of food.He quoted the four factors which are required as a seal for excellence which are Quality, Reliability, Traceablity and Sustainability.He said that choosing quality ingredients can reduce the company’s risk exposure.

Mr. Tim Adetona
Director, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, USA

Mr. Tim Adetonasaid that Nutraceutical market holds much promise.He said that there should be correct application of knowledge. He strongly supported that there should be proper protocol design and study data supports.He finally concluded by saying that a market product should be developed on the basis of expert -validated outputs.

Ms. Michelle M. Stout
Chair, China Working Group, International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations (IADSA), CA, USA

Ms. Michelle M. Stoutshowed the various dimensions ofRegulatoryframework.She highlighted the key objectives behind supplementation of diet. She showed us the comparison of the existing ingredients and new ingredients.She detailed on the consumption of vitamins and minerals by taking into account the Scientific risk assessment.


Dr. N. Ranganathan
Senior VP (R&D) & Interim CEO, Kibow Biotech Inc., USA
Title: A Novel Approach for Uremic Toxin Removal Utilizing a Probiotics Dietary Supplement via “Enteric Dialysis™”
Dr. N. Ranganathan gave a detailed outlook on Probiotics & Prebiotics with an insight into its tremendous influence in health benefits. He has displayed a plethora of applications of Probiotics in Chemo/Radiation therapy. He also gave a stratified clinical trial data of new products which is found in treating Chronic Kidney Diseases.

Dr. Shyam Ramakrishnan
Research Fellow- New Technology, Access Business Group, Nutrilite - R&D, CA, USA
Title: Development and Validation of a weight management genetic test
Dr. Shyam Ramakrishnan has presented a novel approach of development of weight management and genetic test. He listed the candidate genes which need to be tracked in weight management genes panel. With an aim to help and guide the patient by providing him an optimal combination of diet and exercise to achieve personal weight management goals. He also presented data which depicts the validation of weight management and genetic test.

Mr. Piyush Rathi
Director - Business Development, Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.
Title: Role of Enzymes In Foods And Dietary Supplements
Mr. Piyush Rathi presented role of enzymes as Dietary supplements and Functional foods. He has given classification in terms of Digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes which can be used as Dietary supplements. He said that enzymes can also be used in modifying functional foods on the basis of taste, aroma, texture etc.They are also used in fruit processing, dairy and grain processing industries to increase yield an quality of final product.


Mr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta
Director, The Care Continuum Alliance, USA Director, Disease Management Association of India
Title: Innovation in OTC marketing in the emerging paradigm
Mr. Rajendra Pratap Guptaquoted that OTC and Generics are two success formulae to improve the health of pharmaceutical companies, not just in India but across the world.He said that OTC in pharmaceutical industry is a speedy way to grow.He gave a comparison between the OTC market drivers in Urban India and Rural India. He taught as to how consumer awareness is created.

Mr. Sheldon Baker
Principal and Executive Vice President, Baker Dillon Group, California/USA
Title: Brand Marketing – A Key to North American Success for Indian Companies
Mr. Sheldon Baker spoke on product importing to U.S.A. He also spoke on the brand development and marketing and the regulatory affairs for gaining entry into the US market. He highlighted on the Independents and Supermarkets. He concluded that we should work with knowledgeable natural product industry consultants.

Ms. Deepali Shukla
Associate Vice President - Marketing, Amway India Enterprises
Title: Growth Drivers for Nutrition Industry
Ms. Deepali Shukla gave an overview about the logistics of Indian Nutrition market and elaborated on the market drivers of Nutraceutical growth like consumer awareness, globalization and changing regulatory environment. She also gave a clear picture about the changing trends affecting lifestyles of consumers which goes parellel to the economic growth of the country.

DAY - 3 Thursday, 17th February, 2011, World Trade Centre, Mumbai

Morning Mantra

Dr. Lekh R. Juneja
Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd, Japan
Title: Key Trends and Innovations in Nutraceuticals
Dr. Lekh R. Juneja started his talk by mentioning the potential of using eggs as nutraceuticals. He quoted by saying that the isolated white proteins, yolk and lipids can be converted into innovative nutraceuticals as by the law of nature they give rise to life when eggs are incubated. He also displayed their worldwide marketed products which provide unique amino acid, theanine and iron fortified product with more bioavailability.


Mr. Chris Aiyer
Senior Business Development Manager, Dietary Supplements Certification Programs, NSF International, USA
Title: Overview of GMP Standards for Indian Industry
Mr. Chris Aiyerdefined the whole aspect of GMP and the principle behind it.He stated that GMP applies to all dietary supplements sold and marketed. He explained the key points on GMP’s for dietary supplements and its regulation.


Mr. Rounak Shrivastava
Technical Officer – Application Research Centre Enhance Proteins Ltd.
Title: Whey Proteins - Enhance Performance
Mr. Rounak Shrivastava elaborated on the whey protein utilization and its manufacturing process at industrial level He also enlisted the amino acids and mineral profile of whey protein and its superiority value over other commercial protein supplements in nutrition. He also gave a brief account on influence of whey protein in sports nutrition market and also its use in treating diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Ms. Soly James
Chief Dietician, S.L.Raheja Hospital, (A Fortis Associate)
Title: Advanced Clinical Immuno Nutrition & Its Application
Ms. Soly James gave a detailed account on Immunonutrition and elaborated on the key processes involved during immune response. She also quoted that Omega-3-fatty acids , L- Arginine and glutamine play a pivotal role in enhancing immunity. She concluded by giving a comprehensive outlook on immuno modulating formulations which can act as adjuvants in conventional therapies.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sungkom Jongpiputvanich
Department of Pediatrics, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thailand
Title: Dietary Management of Medical Conditions in Infants
Dr.Sungkom Jongipiputvanich highlighted on the symptoms of milk allergy and elaborated that Breast Milk is the best choice for it. He said that administration of amino acids reduces allergy.Infant formula is recommended when there is a need for more energy. Fortification of human milk is needed. Preterm should receive early nutrition support with parenteral nutrition.

Dr. Renuka Jain
Chief Scientific Officer - Bionutrition and Metabolomics Avesthagen Limited
Title: Pioneering Approach towards Nutritional Research and Healthcare
Dr. Renuka Jain gave an insight into their new innovative bioinformatics tools like ADePtTM, MetagridTMand Research andDevelopment model for new plant sources. She also displayed Functional foods products like TeestarTM, CincataTMand listed its significance along with other Avesta dietary supplements. She also elaborated on the locations of plant exploration of different species in Karnataka.


Dr. Ashok D.B. Vaidya
Research Director, Kasturba Health Society, Medical Research Centre
Title: Ayurceuticals: Novel Paths, Processes And Products
Dr. Ashok D.B. Vaidya gave comprehensive overview about Ayurvedic nutraceutics and also quoted the enroute for the synthesis of ayurceuticals through Reverse nutraceutics. He also enthralled the audience on the global opportunities of ayurceuticals by giving various prospects of usage of Gut-Brain ayurceuticals and Ayurvedia citrus products.

Dr. (Ms.) Shefaali Thanawala
Sr. Medical Advisor, Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Title: Ayurceuticals - The Marriage of Traditional Knowledge and Modern Science - Reestablishing the link
Dr. (Ms.) Shefaali Thanawalaelaborated each of the seven steps of marriage between Ayurceuticals and Modern Science. She explained the importance of understanding the language ofAyurveda.She showed that how Ayurveda is expanding its horizon beyond the products. Finally she showed us the challenges coming ahead and the way to pave through it.

Dr. Suman P S Khanuja
Former Director, CIMAP (CSIR), Chief Mentor & Director, NutraHelix Biotech (P) Ltd.
Title: Revisiting horticulture as health sector catalyst through fruit genomes and metabolites expression
Dr. Suman P S Khanuja said that Functional foods used as dietary components can provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. He also mentioned the recent development of new technology of designer functional foods which is put into practice where the vegetable matrices are being impregnated with bioactives. He also presented a potential research area of generating an interface between Biohorticulture and Nutraagriculture. He concluded by enlisting various future prospects such as developing an Integrative genomics approach by metabolome diversity utilization.


Dr. Sharad Kasarle
Business Head – Nutraceuticals & Health Foods Alkem Laboratories Ltd.
Title: “BY PASS THE BY PASS” The management of the Global Cardio Vascular Threat by Clinically proven Medical Nutrition products & supplements.

Dr. Sharad Kasarle gave a detailed outlook on various lifestyle threats which give rise to diabetes and heart disease. He also presented the factsheets which signifies the relationship between diabetes and heart attack. He concluded by mentioning an innovative way of Nutrichilation therapy for chronic heart disease patients.

Ms. Medha Bhaskaran
Marketing Executive – Modern Pharmaceutical Company
Title: Managing lifestyle related dehydration
Ms. Medha Bhaskaran gave a precise analysis of water balance in the human body. She also gave a detailed account on the concentration of main electrolytes in the different fluid compartments. Her main theme was to display the sodium imbalance and the associated diseases. She concluded by displaying the water imbalance during dehydration due to diarrhea and different adapted lifestyles.

Dr. Amit Krishna De
Executive Secretary, Indian Science Congress Association.
Title: Spices as Nutraceuticals
Dr. Amit Krishna De gave a detailed account on different health benefits of spices translating them into nutraceuticals. He gave comprehensive details about the active preinciples present in the traditional Indian spices. He concluded by enthralling the usage of spices which gives potential Antioxidants, Antimicrobials and Antimutagens.



Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti D. Vora, Ph.D, FSSc Head of Department of Biochemistry & Food science and Quality Control, Ramnarain Ruia College
Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti D. Vora,said that GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration under the authority of theFederal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.These regulations, which have the force of law, require that manufacturers, processors, and packagers of drugs, medical devices, some food, and blood take proactive steps to ensure that their products are safe, pure, and effective.

Dr. Dipak Vora Associate Professor in Microbiology, Ramnarain Ruia College
Dr. Dipak Vorastarted by reviewing the status ofindustries which have implemented TQM programs in an attempt to continuously improve the quality of processes and products so as to reduce variations. He said that TQM implicates thequalityof the results and the processes which is the responsibility of every individual who is involved in the organization.
IQC: Set of procedures undertaken by the staff of facility for continuously & concurrently assessing the designated work & the emergent results.
EQA: System of objectively assessing the performance by anoutsideagency. (generally specializing is such assessments)

Speakers/ Panelists:

Ms. Rini Ravindran Lecturer, Ramnarain Ruia College
Ms. Rini Ravindrangave a comprehensive outlook onQuality Assurance(QA) which consists ofplanned and systematic activities implemented to provide adequate confidencethat an entity will fulfill requirements for Quality.

Mr. Prashant Masali Lecturer, Ramnarain Ruia College
Mr. Prashant Masaligave a detailed review on the present day FoodPackaging trends practiced at industrial level which is a coordinated system of preparing food for transport, distribution, storage, retailing and end use.

Ms. Vidhi Shah Lecturer, Ramnarain Ruia College
Ms. Vidhi Shahstarted by giving an overview about objectives and purposes of documentation: She concluded by stressing the point of complete know how required by the concerned professionals in the industry to ensure that the authorized persons have all information necessary for release.

Mr. Dhaval Patel Lecturer, Ramnarain Ruia College
Mr. Dhaval Patel gave a brief account on the different food laws existing presently under the legislative body and discussed the Scenario, before and after the advent of FSSAI act. He concluded by laying forth the future tasks which needs to be considered in order to fill the lacunae and harmonize the judiciary which regulates the Food industry sector.