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The CEO Summit is a special industry networking event that happens annually at the Nutra India Summit. It brings together visionaries from the Nutraceuticals Business community to create a collaborative and industry-driven vision that can drive growth in the Indian Nutraceutical Sector. The CEO Summit looks at the current business environment from 4 vantage points- Industry growth, Right Resources and Balanced & Strong Finance. Candid conversations between top CEOs and C-level Executives are designed to inspire new ideas and actions that can directly impact the industry. Relevant and impactful topics related to the Nutraceutical sector- its drivers and barriers- are addressed through this discussion.

Regulations must be changed, IP to be tightened - Experts

CEO Summit at the 9th Nutra India Summit, where-in a panel discussion was held on “What is the New Sutra for Nutra in the Emerging Global Economy.”

The session was chaired by Dr. V. Prakash, FRSC  -  Distinguished Scientist of CSIR - India, Vice President, International Union of Nutritional Science (IUNS), Hon. Director of R&D and Innovation at JSS MVP, Mysore, Chairman, 9th Nutra India Summit and the Panelists were Dr. G. Thyagarajan, FRSC - Former Director, CSIR Laboratories; Former Scientific Secretary, COSTED, Dr. Lekh R. Juneja - Representative Director & Executive Vice President, Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd., Japan, Mr. Rajesh Kumar - Director & CEO, SAMI Direct, Dr. V. G. Dhanakumar - Director, Indian Institute of Plantation Management,(IIPM), Bangalore, Dr. J.L.N. Sastry - Head - Healthcare Research, Dabur Research & Development Center, Dabur India Ltd. And Mr. Sarath Naru - Managing Partner, Ventureast, Nigel Sunley – Owner, Sunley Consulting, South Africa and Dr. P M Murali, President ABLE and MD & CEO, Evolva Biotech India.


Dr. V. Prakash posed three questions to the panelists - “How to take nutra global, How to ensure safety of the products and how to accomplish a Market growth of the product.”


Speaking first, Nigel Sunley, said, “there are many hurdles that one has to tackle in the field of Nutraceuticals. Having begun in breakfast cereal as the first product and gradually extended to other consumer products in the field of health and food. Our primary concern was on safety and product value, which in fact is a key thing that has to be looked upon to bring a positive impact. Nutrition is at high risk for the consumers and people have be educated about the products. But one aspect that always worries me is that nutrition sector doesn’t have enough funding for R&D as compared to the pharmaceuticals.”


Dr. P M Murali, said, “Product and technology that is been used by our company is state-of-the-art. We use cutting edge synthetic technology in the ingredient business and one of them is yeast for the process of fermentation. The social media can be used as a tool to improve and also to advertise in a cost effective way that will help product reach to the masses.”


Dr. J.L.N. Sastry, said, “Nutraceuticals is comparatively a new word and it has to be made a new category / a separate listing. This would help finding or searching for a particular herb, traditional medicine or plant or bio chemical and make it easier if a directory is made and maintained. Certain health products like herbal medicine are gaining interest in western countries like  US & Canada. Some of the simple products like coconut oil and mustard oil are manufactured in India and exported to other countries that use these as cosmetic materials or raw material for cosmetic industries.”


Dr. Lekh R. Juneja, who has 130 patents and 190 papers published on the development of various nuteraceuticals and functional foods, said, “DO NOT COPY get your own ideas and nourish the idea and Go Global. I' ve been always  encouraged to take risks and have made the company a global venture. Our company has provided the world of with several new food and nutrition. We have came up/discovered 25 chemicals for example theonine an amino acid that was discovered in only humans earlier was discovered in tea for the first time our company.“

“We need to bring-in a global harmonization in this field because one product sold in one country cannot be sold in another due to different laws and regulations. This is one of the key hurdles many new product companies are facing today.” he said. He completed his talk saying science is key for anything and everything.” he added.

Rajesh Kumar in his talk said, “Innovations and creativity need a friendly eco system to thrive. SAMI labs brought the gac fruit from Vietnam to India and worked on it to created a suitable environment for its growth in Indian soil. It is grown in Salem Tamilnadu. We need to bring licensed and non licensed companies together for the benefit of the country, especially when there is an epidemic. An unlicensed company might have a solution for a disease such as SAARS in a country is facing but it is not allowed to produce as it doesn’t have a valid license so he gave an idea that licensed and non licensed companies come together and share ideas mutually for benefit to human life. The countries government must allow the company to produce and product like medicine etc… if it is proving to be beneficial for the people of its country.

His speech was mainly focused on the problem faced by the companies and organization today. Investments and innovation are some important aspect that has to keep tabs on if a company is investing on a new product the addition of money at each point during the innovation has to be recovered easily so existing companies has to find or come up with a solution so the budding new companies would nourish learning from these things.

CEO Summit @ 9th Nutra India Summit





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