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Prof. Huub L. M. Lelieveld

Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) GHI Association, The Netherlands

Session :

Interactive Panel Discussion on Emerging Indian Food Regulatory Scenario - Role of “Team India”

CEO Summit

Speaker Profile :

Huub Lelieveld is President of the Global Harmonization Initiative, Member of the Executive Committee and a Past-President of EFFoST (the European Federation of Food Science and Technology), Founder and Past-President of EHEDG (the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). He is a fellow of IAFoST (the International Academy of Food Science and Technology), a fellow of IFT (the Institute of Food Technologists), served on the Governing Council of IUFoST (the International Union of Food Science and Technology) and has been Chair of the Nonthermal Processing Division and the International Division of IFT. At Unilever, he was responsible for hygienic processing and plant design andnovel processing technologies. He is lead editor of “Hygiene in food processing”, the “Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry” and “Food preservation by pulsed electric fields: From research to application”. He is co-editor of several other books,including “Ensuring Global Food Safety: Exploring GlobalHarmonization”, “Hygienic design of food factories” and ”Food safety management: a practical guide for the food industry” (in press). He wrote chapters for many books and encyclopaedia, wrote hundreds of scientific articles and articles for magazines and presented hundreds of papers, globally. He is a member of many editorial boards of books, journals and magazines. Most recently he initiated “People, planet, prosperity and the food chain” in short P3FC, an organisation of which the sole objective is to remind the food industry as frequently as possible that besides caring for shareholders, they also share responsibilities for planet and society.





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