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Mr. John Venardos

Member , IADSA Executive Council; Senior Vice President, Worldwide Regulatory, Government and Indu
Herbalife, USA

Session :

Morning Mantra

Speaker Profile :

Since his time as a graduate intern to the speaker of the House of Representatives, John has played a role in shaping governmental and regulatory policies. He has worked tirelessly with authorities around the globe since joining Herbalife in 1997, lobbying on issues affecting the company, while protecting its business model and supporting its line of science-based products.

His accomplishments include successfully lobbying the U.S. government to pass new serious adverse event reporting laws, helping to obtain direct selling licenses in China, addressing tariff and non-barriers to trade, and creating the nutritional products industry’s largest U.S. Political Action Committee.

He and his staff represent Herbalife in front of government and regulatory agencies including the Food & Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the European Commission, Codex Alimentarius and with regulators from the 10 countries comprising the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). He also was appointed by the Obama Administration to provide trade advice to the Department of Commerce and to the U.S.Trade Representative within the Office of the President.

In addition, Venardos represents Herbalife with a number of key external organizations including the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA), the American Herbal Products Association, the Tokyo-based Association for International Food and Nutrition (chair); the Council for Responsible Nutrition (Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and chair CRN International Trade & Market Development Committee); the Council for Responsible Nutrition-International based in Lugano (chair); the Direct Selling Association, (chair DSA International Council); and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (Global Regulatory Affairs Committee).

For 10 years prior to Herbalife, Venardos handled government and regulatory affairs at Pfizer Inc, and before that, at NutraSweet Company. He also served as regional political director in Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaigns.





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