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Mr. V.S. Reddy

Managing Director,
British Biologicals

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CEO Summit

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A cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy deals with internal burns.

A patient with renal failure undergoes dialysis and needs to control the intake of certain foods.

 A diabetic avoids carbohydrates to maintain blood glucose levels.

A pregnant woman goes to a doctor and returns with a handful of tablets to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

A menopausal woman lives through the torment with help only in the form of hormone replacement therapy.


Flash forward to today, when we have a palatable nutritional supplement to counter the side effects of chemotherapy, a supplement which ensures the mandatory 2200 calories to a diabetic who is forbidden most foods, a palatable supplement for pregnant woman which can do away with medicines & helps her enjoy pregnancy rather than make her feel like a patient. Could we have imagined these 20 years ago?

Difficult at best. Varied as they may be, there was one visionary who thought that the key to surviving different health conditions ranging from diabetes & cancer to pregnancy & menopause was “Preventive Nutrition”.

The visionary and pioneer was none other than Mr. V S Reddy, the founder of British Biologicals whose insight and intuition changed the way Indians perceive healthcare and nutrition today.

As clichéd as it may sound, successful entrepreneurs don’t do different things. They do things differently.  What appears to everyone as random occurrences, seem to take shape and become patterns to them, which later go on to become novel business ideas.

Two decades ago, diseases such diabetes, cholesterol, kidney, heart and liver diseases and asthma were treated with medications that could only control the symptoms of the disease. But there was no consideration for the nutritional requirement of these patients and nothing to address the lack of nutrition that was suffered by them. At this juncture, British Biologicals brought in “Palatable Nutrition” in the treatment of diseases and revolutionized the healthcare system.

The concept was simple. While tablets and insulin help in the treatment of diabetes, D Protin, (a British Biologicals product for diabetes nutrition) takes care of the deprived body’s nutrition requirement. This successful model was later emulated with many other ailments through specific nutrition.

Today, British Biologicals, a Global Nutraceutical Company, is a household name with its products available in more than 12 lakh retail outlets in the country. Rated as India’s number one company in medical nutrition, it has a workforce of over 1500 employees and the largest manufacturing facility in South East Asia. Not only has the company earned the trust of its consumers, but also the respect of the medical fraternity, in India and abroad. It has to its credit, more than 52 National and International Awards for Quality and Excellence.

The company’s philosophy regarding its employees is really unique. Employees are treated as assets and on joining, each employee and his entire family automatically get covered under medical insurance. High performers are encouraged with incentives, from furnished homes to foreign trips. This could well be the only company that has its medical representatives going on their doctor visits, in cars! The bottom line being, the family of each employee comes first with British Biologicals. With this level of involvement, it is no surprise that attrition rate is the lowest and the company sports the atmosphere of a large family.

In the arena of Corporate Social Responsibility, the company has  associated with Mumbai based NGO “Nanhi Kali” which was initiated in 1996 by the K. C. Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET) with the aim of providing primary education to underprivileged girl children in India. This association has helped in giving a momentum to the efforts of the NGO. Today, British Biologicals is proud to say that many girl children have benefited from coming under its wing.

With a success saga that has blazed a trail in India, the company has crossed shores and established its presence in over 21 countries and is today a global brand in preventive nutrition, to be reckoned with. In tune with its business philosophy, the company makes efforts to improve the lives of the people in every country it operates in.

Pioneers then and Leaders today. Need we say more?





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