Past Speakers



Dr. R.K. Sanghavi

Nutraceutical & Medical Subcommittees (IDMA)

Session :

Pharma’s growing Synergy with Nutra Sector

Speaker Profile :

 Practicing physician in Mumbai since nearly 30 years.
 Simultaneously associated with Pharma industry for nearly 30 years.
 Assisted over 65 such companies in capacity of Medical Adviser.
 Major Companies associated with include Biochem, Blue Cross. FDC,
Inventia, Khandelwal, Medreich, Sun, Themis, Universal Medicare (Seven
Seas), Zydus Cadila,

 Actively involved in Nutraceutical marketing since 25 years.
 Spoken at over 200 CMEs in India & overseas.
 Talked on Antioxidants for Physicians, etc.
 Talked on Coenzyme Q10 for Gynecologists, Urologists, Cardiologists, etc.
 Talked on Evening Primrose Oil for Gynecologists, Dermatologists,Diabetologists, etc.
 Talked on Fish Oils for Cardiologists, Physicians, etc.
 Talked on Glucosamine+Chondroitin for Orthopedic Surgeons, etc.
 Talked on St John’s Wort for Psychiatrists, etc.
 Talked on Lutein-Zeaxanthin for Ophthalmologists.
 Talked on Acute Pain for Orthopedic Surgeons, Physicians, Neurophysicians,
Anesthesiologists, etc.
 Talked on Phospholipids for Gastroenterologists, Physicians, etc.
 Talked on Phytoestrogens for Gynecologists.Talked on Mefenamic acid to Physicians, Gynecologists, Dentist, Pediatricians, GPs.

 Currently associated with 9 medium- & large-sized Indian Pharma companies.
 Major Companies include Inventia Healthcare, Zydus Biochem.
 Chairman of Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association’s (IDMA) Medical Subcommittee since 8 years.
 Member since last 9 consecutive years.
 Chairman of Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association’s (IDMA) Nutraceutical
Subcommittee in 2012.

 Panelist with associations.
 Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission.
 Fixed Dose Combination committee of Pharma Industry (spearheading).





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