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BASF increases production capacity of vitamin A

FSSAI appoints new members for scientific panels

Cargill launches Proviox Breeder additive for poultry

Brenntag reinforces brand identity with "Connecting Chemistry"

Speakers Feedback

I have been coming to Nutra India Summit from last many editions. It has been very effective. Good participation of industry in the summit has been a welcome factor. More and more industry participation, academia, scientists, non-governmental organizations, this whole combination will make the industry very strong.- Dr. Ajit Kumar, Vice Chancellor, National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management

As usual Nutra effort is always a team effort which starts almost the day earlier Nutra event ends, so we always start a year in advance. The future course is decided about what will be the theme, who are the speakers and you can see from year to year it has grown in excellence because of the effort of Dr. V. Prakash, MM Activ team, all our foreign dignitaries and leaders of Nutritional Science in India. - Dr. Ashok B. Vaidya, Research Director, Kasturba Health Society Medical Research Center

This is very important event. It helps create awareness about Nutraceuticals, Fitness and Wellness. - Mr. Ajay Khanna, Country Head, Herbalife India International Pvt. Ltd.

This is the state of the art in Nutraceuticals and Ayurvedic Medicines. This is the place if you want to learn about Science & what’s happening, this is the meeting to be at. - Dr. Rickey Yada, President, International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST)

Very valuable and well organized event, we made good contacts here. Speaking has been great! - Mr. Carl Atkinson, Chairperson, Ontario Ginseng Growers Association, Canada

I liked this event. Lot of information for everyone. I have been here for 4 times and it’s interesting. -Prof. Huub L.M. Lelieveld , President, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI),The Netherlands

This event has been put forward very aptly and nicely. Specially the session which I had on Girl Child Nutrition is very properly designed and put in place because we are talking about the Girl, Women and Adult Nutrition in India which is affecting the entire country. - Dr. Jamuna Prakash, Professor, Department of Food Science & Nutrition, University of Mysore

This is a new audience for me as I am used to address different group which is less on industry side but I think event like this has its own importance because this is where we get input for the purpose of implementation. - Dr. Satish B. Agnihotri, Career Bureaucrat, Recently Retired Secretary (Coordination & Public Grievances), Cabinet Secretariat

Nutra India Summit is very important as it brings together Industry, Government Regulators, Doctors, and Nutritionists. It also help Doctors to share issues with industry and further with regulatory body. - Dr. Ramen Goel, Head, Bariatric Surgery, Nova Speciality Hospitals, Mumbai



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